Hello! My name is Rachel Duffus.
I am a Graphic Designer and love expressing myself in creative ways. I followed my passion for art to Baylor University where I received a BFA in Graphic Design. During my career, I have honed my professional skills in advertising, marketing, creative development, and time management. I have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients including peers, charities, CEOs, Vice Presidents, and Academic Deans. I love presenting my concepts and helping my clients understand the science and reasoning behind my ideas. I am comfortable working in collaborative, independent, and leadership environments, which has allowed me to be flexible in the workspace, filling gaps that may pop up in various team settings. Over the years I have developed a wide variety of skills which I expand upon every day.

Good graphic design is walking into a building and being able to locate the restrooms easily. Easy, seamless, and comforting when viewed. People are drawn to good design causing them to linger when they see it. I would love to work with you on your projects to make your voice have that same effect.
A Little History
I was born and raised in Alaska, The Last Frontier.
I come from a family of hardworking individuals. “The work’s not over till the sun goes down.” – In Alaska, those words take on a new meaning, especially in the summer. Along with owning their own business, my family has fished commercially for over 30 years. I have been honored to work with family and crew members, both as a teammate and as a captain. Some of the greatest life lessons I’ve learned were during the 3-month long fishing seasons and 20-plus hour days (yes, 20+) out on the ocean.

I am flexible, team and task oriented, and work well under pressure. I understand the meaning of efficient communication and teamwork, and the weight of responsibility in getting things done in a time sensitive environment. I can make executive decisions and can work on my own with ease. I am outgoing and eager to adapt to new technologies so I can continue to grow.

My work has included print, web, video, and social media. I have worked on both individual, one-off projects as well as complete campaigns that have included multiple components including exterior building banners, window clings, and/or vehicle wraps. I have been able to work on projects in any stage of their life cycle from ideation all the way to producing files ready for vendors to execute.

In addition to being a lead graphic designer of many projects over the years, I have had the opportunity to exercise other leadership skills. For example, while working at Texas A&M, both my team’s director and other senior graphic designer left for other opportunities. For a year I served and guided the team by “taking point” for all administrative and creative decision needs for the Libraries’ Marketing Department. This included being the leader for all projects, consulting with and answering to the University Librarian & Assistant Provost as well as representing the team in university wide conversations. I was integral in deciding how the team will be rebuilt and what direction the team will take in the future, including taking on the task of purchasing equipment for future video projects.

I am a hard-working individual who is flexible, team and task oriented, good under pressure, and outgoing. I understand the meaning of efficient communication and teamwork, the weight of responsibility in getting things done in a time sensitive environment, as well as the impact a positive attitude can have on a team. I can adapt to new technologies, familiar with going out of my comfort zone, welcoming of critique and feedback, mindful of confidential information, and enjoy discovering innovative solutions to problems.

I am currently living in Texas. Though from north to south the environments may be different, Texas has been my home away from home. I have a deep love for people and have made wonderful, life-long friends in this great state. I feel spiritually connected to community and am enjoying living life in the “lower 48”.
What People Say
People who have worked with me.
"For almost a full year Rachel worked beyond the scope of her normal duties, taking on most of the Marketing Department’s project management, without complaining about it. She knew it was for the good of the Libraries and the University. Rachel was the reason why anything got done in Marketing this past year. She kept the boat afloat and I’m grateful for all her hard work."
Julie Mosbo Ballestro | University Librarian & Assistant Provost for Texas A&M University
Association: Direct Report and Interim Supervisor
"Rachel is an outstanding employee who continues to grow and exhibit leadership every day. She is great at managing down, across, and up. The team is more successful because she is able to help her junior peers navigate their own work and she helps her direct peers manage their work by being both a collaborator and providing quality control. She manages up by being a respected foil for her work supervisor and other leaders. She helps them think more critically of their own opinions and work so that they are able to execute better.
Rachel readily embraces new concepts that allow her to work at the highest level - creating work that is embraced by our internal and external clients. Rachel continues to be curious, explore, and learn which keeps her work impeccable. She is great at seeing the gaps in our team and works hard to fill in those gaps to make sure that the rest of the team is operating at the highest level. Rachel is the marketing team's secret weapon because she is continuously outstanding at her job."
Patrick Zinn Director of Marketing for Texas A&M University MarComm – School of Education & Human Development
Association: Supervisor
"Her ability to create original and attractive design solutions within [Texas A&M University] branding have frequently challenged me to further my own skills. She is driven, hardworking, and passionate. Rachel is always searching for the best solution to any creative challenge, rather than settling for 'good enough'."
Chad Becker | Senior Graphic Designer for Texas A&M University MarComm – School of Education & Human Development
Association: Co-Worker​​​​​​​
"Rachel is an extremely creative graphic designer who is able to masterfully complete anything that she sets her mind to." 
Sam Berno | Corporate Communications Manager for Axiomatics
Association: Co-Worker
"I’ve hired Rachel on a few occasions to assist me on more complex shoots. I’ve also recommended her to other photographers. She’s a punctual, reliable, polite, professional worker to have on set. Several of my clients have commented on the value of her creative input during a session." 
Bob Smith | CEO of Accurate Image Photographery
Association: Supervisor
"Her creativity and out-of-the-box thinking will be a valuable asset at any organization that has the privilege of working with her. Rachel's confidence as a designer and knowing what she wants is displayed in any environment she is placed in."
Joseph Villegas | Senior Design Technologist for Indeed.com
Association: Supervisor
"Rachel listens well to client needs, is very creative, is highly collaborative in the design process and produces amazing art that was always delivered on time." 
Carl Flynn | Director of Marketing and Communication For Information Technology &  University Libraries for Baylor University
Association: Supervisor
To learn more about what people have said and to see my online resume, visit my LinkedIn Profile.
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