Creating a Voice
Designing a brand that can be grown and be maintained has been one of my joys in life. A good brand is flexible, steadfast, and enduring. Working with several clients over the years I have helped design logos, brand guides, and consulted on future growth directions they can take their brand.
American Bank
American Bank is a local Texas bank that was looking to polish its brand as it grew to more locations.
Unlimited Potential
A budding charity looking to attract funds from their country club dinner, I recreated their logo and created a basic brand guide. I translated this into an upscale style for them to work off of for the event.
Open Library Foundation (OLF)
The OLF is an open source community developing library software. With several branches under the OLF umbrella, different branding was needed to set them a part, both on the national and international level. This included FOLIO, an open source software to be used across the globe, and WOLFcon, an international conference hosted by OLF members.
AACL Remodeling
An established remodeling and handy-man company looking to create a simple brand that could be built upon in the future. Looking to expand their customer base and appeal to higher paying clientele they were looking for modern, clean lines that would help them stand out from competitors.
Texas A&M University Libraries
During my time at Texas A&M I have had the opportunity to maintain and build upon the University's branding on behalf of the Libraries. Using the tools provided by the University I created new ways for my client to stand out and resonate with a wide audience, including local, national, and abroad.
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