Social Media
I have managed and maintained social media account for several clients over the years focusing on a wide range of audiences and interacting with patrons on behalf of clients. My main platform experience includes Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

While working at Texas A&M University, I have helped on-board four Communications Specialists. Working in close collaboration with them, I taught them brand guidelines, helped them establish a consistent voice on behalf of the Libraries, reviewed their work before content was published, and worked with them to create graphics for our channels.
Created e-mails for various clients using email software for HTML coding or online platforms like MailChimp.
Web and UX Design
​​​​​​​User experience and Accessibility in the digital realm is crucial to building trust in a brand. I have built and assisted in the creation of several complex websites.
Digital Signage
Signage for events, directional, or general promotion for digital displays across Texas A&M University campus and for various clients.
​​​​​​​I have worked on several video projects in various capacities including logistics, scheduling, brainstorming, conceptualizing, rough script and animation creation, and post production editing.

For the video on the left, the Libraries was seeking to encourage donations for a new space. This is one of the two videos that was created. I joined during production to help with logistics, scheduling, and assisted in coaching the speaker. 
The Dean of the Libraries needed a Fair Use video within a week that could explain the complex subject to a wide ranging audience. Scripted, story-boarded, and produced all in-house.
Won an ARL Award.
Looking to create action on the Libraries digital monitors, a more complex animation was requested.
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