How Do You Library?

The Texas A&M University Libraries is in the middle of creating a campaign that is targeted towards students and can be built upon for several years. How Do You Library? introduces an experienced Aggie, “the Dude”, who’s been at the A&M Libraries for so long, he's living there! Using humor and relatable scenarios, the goal is to leave a lasting impression on students no matter how long they've been at Texas A&M.

In our flagship video, you meet "the Dude" as he talks to the audience and guides them through several spaces and services the Libraries have to offer. Along the way you hear general questions from students that are not familiar with an academic library and the frustrations they face in college.
The Inspiration
​​​​​​​Every year the Libraries creates a T-shirt for an Open House giveaway. The campaign-themed shirt features icons that represent different services and ways patrons use them. Pulling from the shirt's popularity we are representing Library services with a series of icons rather than a singular icon in order to maintain the whimsical nature from the shirt design. This also prevents the feeling of needing to associate a particular icon with a service.

The shirt pictured is the second done for this campaign.

A Sea of Maroon
Aggies love their school color which is on every part of campus. In order to stand out I created gradients by lightening the brand colors and incorporated them in subtle and impactful ways. Building on the University’s texture pack I added ruffed up lines for emphasis and created invisible shapes out of the icons and texture. Another key component I introduced is cut-out figures that are easy additions to all marketing materials.
Beginning to roll out graphics
The Video
We had the tagline, we had the icons, but how did we get to “the Dude”? When brainstorming the How Do You Library? campaign, I came up with the idea to have an experienced Aggie talking to the audience and interacting with the Libraries environment in a slap-stick way. Writing the initial rough script and scenes, I pitched it to the team and it was a success. The main character went through several iterations including a suave Ph.D. student, a drill sergeant, and finally “the Dude”. For the video production I assisted in organizing and scheduling the video team and actors, creating cue cards, recruiting and coaching talent, and providing creative input during and post-production.
Final Video
"The Dude" knows the Libraries so well, he lives there! He guides students through the services we provide with chill experience. 
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