Howdy Bard!
​​​​​​​When Shakespeare’s First Folio, a first edition of Shakespeare's work, visited Texas A&M University as part of its national tour, the University Libraries was all in. We collaborated with multiple colleges and departments with several events themed around his works: including movies, performances, speakers and more. 

The Libraries Marketing Department tied them together under a cohesive campaign to be used by all groups; we even put together our own exhibition called "Shakespeare and the Early Moderns". The theme was inspired by rock music bands and their national tours. The team aimed to create assets that would give a modern twist to the classic that is Shakespeare.
Lone Star Folio
​​​​​​​One of the biggest projects in this campaign was the website. Many groups, both within and outside the University, collaborated in this celebration.  All related information needed to be located in a single place. Tasked with putting together and managing the site, I worked in Wordpress to put together pages that would meet the needs of a wide audience, including teachers, presenters, and organizers.

One of the biggest challenges in this project was technical. The University locked down all Wordpress sites half way through the development, leading me to learn the backend accessibility that the University permitted, which was very code heavy.

Although the site is no longer maintained, a broken version of it can still be found here:
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