Traditions of A&M
Texas A&M University has some of the most well known examples of spirit and loved traditions in the south, dating back more than one hundred years. I was the lead designer of an exhibit featuring the vast collections of school memorabilia. We created a fold-over pamphlet that could be used as a poster, promoting the exhibit and teaching Aggies about several key A&M traditions and their historical significance. My team tied the Aggie song "A Spirit can Ne'er Be Told" into the entrance steps of the exhibit along with graphics on the transom windows. I created T-shirts featuring E. King Gill, the original 12th Man, as a give-away. For a special Libraries sponsored tailgating event my team created cozies and a tall free-standing flag.

A round table of former Yell Leaders was hosted and Yell leaders spanning generations lead a special Yell Practice for the grand opening, which has never happened before.
Recap video of our speaker round-table, a special occasion Yell Practice for the exhibit grand opening, and the grand opening of the exhibit.
Social media, digital signage, and events.
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